Top Natural and Cultured Stone Trends

Natural stone has a timeless appeal that continues to inspire modern architectural design. In recent years, the use of stone paneling has been evolving to meet changing market needs.

One of the increasingly popular building materials is cultured stone. Here are some of the top trends in the use of stone to boost curb appeal.

1. Mixing Natural and Cultured Stone Elements

You can achieve a unique style for your home’s curb appeal by mixing natural and cultured stone elements. Artificial materials can provide a wide range of aesthetic options, but natural stone looks more authentic.

According to Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value report, manufactured stone has the highest ROI (95.6%) nationally. It has higher returns for homeowners than any other retrofit project.

The trend blends the best of both stones to achieve a custom style. You can experiment with bricks of different colors and sizes to boost your home’s curb appeal and value.

2. Incorporating Organic Elements with Stone

In the last few years, the trend has been shifting towards blending cultured stone with other materials. You can mix faux stone with stucco, metal, or glass for a classic look.

But incorporating organic elements, such as wood, is becoming a more popular blending option for faux stone. You can integrate it into wood paneling, window frames, and doors. You can paint it or leave it as it is, depending on the style you prefer.

3. Achieve Timeless Beauty with Monochrome Hues

The monochrome black and white trend is another way to bring out your unique flair. It involves using modular black and white stone paneling for a bold style.

Using black and white stone panels have been popular for interior spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. However, it has recently become a trend for exteriors, and it is clear why. The sharp contrast is eye-catching and exquisitely complements modern homes.

4. Manufactured Stone Patios

As more people stayed home during the lockdown, there was a need to set aside spaces for relaxation. Manufactured stone offers versatility in design and budget. It is easier to install than traditional stone paneling.

Cultured stone is also sought-after for fireplaces and fire pits. It is usually tinted to minimize UV radiation, making it suitable for outdoor applications. You can find a wide range of styles from your brick supplier for your patio or garden.

5. Stone Pathways and Walkways

You can invoke the sensation of an enchanted garden with stone panels on pathways and walkways. You can use bricks of different colors to match the exterior of your home or patio.

Walkways work best when they appear slightly less than perfect. So, you can experiment with natural and cultured stones of varying styles and sizes. Whether you opt for a traditional brick pathway or a gravel path, it is one of the most effective ways to raise your curb appeal.

6. Mixing Large and Small Stones

One can use a range of different stones to create a mixed pathway. You can use large and small stones for different sections of your walkway. The key is to mix up the colors, shapes, and sizes.

You should avoid using too many artificial materials in your garden area. Mixing both natural and cultured stone elements creates a more vibrant appearance that complements your brick home exterior.

7. Styling Your Landscape with Cultured Stone

You can achieve unique effects by adding stone elements to your landscape. For instance, you can add a pathway around the perimeter of your lawn or place it in areas that require more heavy foot traffic.

Stone is a good alternative for building materials in the landscape because it requires less maintenance than traditional materials such as wood and brick. It is suitable for both dry and wet climates, making it versatile enough to blend seamlessly into different garden styles.

Both natural and cultured bricks offer unique benefits in terms of aesthetics and costs. You can make the most of both stones by blending them to bring out your personality.


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